Built-in Placeholders

What is Built-in Placeholders?

Built-in placeholders can be used in FlipCard in card configs. They can help your players know what reward they get, how many reward items they get and so on.

Can they be used in other plugin?

Sorry, for now they can't be used in other plugin.

Built-in Placeholders list:

%player% - The player name.

%amount% - The amount of reward items. For v1: Vanilla Item and Custom Item reward type is supported!

%display% - Reward item display name. For v1: Custom Item reward type is supported!

%price% - Card price.

%times% - The amount of command reward times the reward command executed.

more soon!


FAQ - Why don't have %player% placeholder?

That is because our plugin hook into PlaceholderAPI, you can just:

  • /papi ecloud download Player (if your server didn't install Player expansion)

  • Use %player_name% to replace the player name.

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