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Have you played gacha card game? Now we bring them to your Minecraft server! FlipCard is a new reward plugin that allow your player "gacha" reward card!


  • Custom language files.
  • Included Engligh, Chinese, Korean, Japanese language. More language will be soon!
  • Create unlimited cards and card edges.
  • Flip animation.
  • All cards can set unlimited cost plans and reward plans.
  • Random reward.
  • Random reward item amount.
  • Use weight determines reward rate.
  • Card reward preview.
  • 7 reward types. Vanilla Items, Custom Items, EcoArmor, EcoItems, MMOItems, ItemsAdder, Command.
  • Cost custom items, vanilla levels or exps, money or points (PlayerPoints or GamePoints) to flip card.
  • The cost of each flop can be set to be different. The more cards a player flops, the more they have to cost.
  • Card edge to show reward rarity.
  • Hex color support.
  • Timer! Player must choose their card in limited time!
  • CustomModelData support.
  • Custom card texture.
  • Optional resource pack. (Can be generated by the plugin, you don't need do anything!)
  • Hook into Vault, PlayerPoints, GamePoints, MMOItems, ItemsAdder, EcoArmor, EcoItems and more plugins soon!
So... is it useful for me?
Yeah! You can use it as...
  • Dungeon complete reward
  • Sign in reward.
  • Achievement reward.
  • Quest reward.
and so on.


Reward preview.
Choose card.
Flip animation.
Claim reward.


  • You are not allow to share/resell/leak this plugin.
  • You are not modify the plugin.
  • No refunds.
  • Please report bugs in Discord.
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