Prices Option

Prices option is a little complex, so I introduce it on a separate page.

Different from FlipCard v1, FlipCard v2/3 has only 4 reward types: hook item, vanilla item, hook economy, vanilla economy.

This section is optional, if you didn't add this, this means flip price is free.

Item Price

You can also set item as price, should use Item Format at this page.

Hook Economy

Hook economy has those options:

  • economy-plugin: What plugin you want this price economy hook into, for now, FlipCard v2/3 supports Vault, GamePoints, PlayerPoints, CoinsEngine, UltraEconomy, EcoBits, RedisEconomy, PEconomy, VotingPlugin.

  • economy-type: If economy plugin is multi-currency economy plugin, you have to type currency name here.


    economy-plugin: Vault
    # If you set Economy plugin to CoinsEngine, then:
    # economy-plugin: CoinsEngine
    # economy-type: Coin
    # Yeah, you need add economy-type option here because its a multi-currency plugin.
    # For this, players will always cost 5$.
    amount: 5
    placeholder: '$5'
    apply: [1,2,3]

Vanilla Economy

Vanilla economy has those options:

  • economy-type: Supports exp, levels.


    economy-type: levels
    # In this example, player will cost different levels with different flip times.
      3: '10 Levels'
      4: '20 Levels'
    cost: [10,20]
    apply: [3,4]


Just set free: true here.

General Options

Those options can be used in the 4 types of reward. All of them are optional.

  • amount: The amount of reward items or economy values. Like 1. Default plugin will use cost option value, if cost option is not exists, we will use this option value. If not set, plugin will set amount to 1.

  • placeholder: Price display name at %price% placeholder. Like Stone x5. If not set, plugin will use default placeholder that provided by language file.

  • start-apply: The number of usage times that price start applies. It is a number, if flip times more than this number, this price will be applied. start-apply is only work with amount option, does not support cost option.

  • apply: The number of usage times that this price applies. It is an array, should be like [1,2,3], this means that this price applies to your first, second, and third time card flips. If not set, the plugin will automatically consider the ID of the price as the applicable times.

  • cost: Little same as amount, but this option corresponds to the number of times the apply option is applied one by one. Like [10,20,30]. If not set, plugin will use amount option value.

  • conditions: Please view this page.

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