Commands and Permissions

Commands with Permissions

/flipcard forceopen <PlayerName> <UIConfigName> - Start a card flip event for a player.

Permission: flipcard.admin

/flipcard reload - Reload the plugin.

Some configs need restart your server.

Permission: flipcard.admin

/flipcard save <FileName> - Save your hold items. Used in Custom Item reward.

Permission: flipcard.admin

/flipcard settimes <PlayerName> <UIConfigName> <times>

Permission: flipcard.admin.

/flipcard givetimes <PlayerName> <UIConfigName> <times>

Permission: flipcard.admin. Taketimes just make times arg to negative number.

/flipcard gettimes <PlayerName> <UIConfigName>

Permission: flipcard.admin.

/flipcard open <UIConfigName> - Cost one flip UI left time to start a card flip event for player self.


/flipcard reopen <UIConfigName> - Try re-open flip card page.

Permission: flipcard.reopen

/flipcard generateitemformat

Permission: flipcard.generateitemformat

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