FlipCard Wiki

How to install resource pack?

First, you have to answer me a question: Are you using resource pack plugins like ItemsAdder?
If no, you must install the resource pack at Minecraft client.
  • Open the game.
  • At main menu, click Options... button.
  • At options menu, click Resource Packs... button.
  • Zip plugin's /pack/ folder, then drag and drop it to this window.
  • Click the new resource pack to add it to game.
  • All is done, join your server and now you will see custom card textures!
If yes, you have to merge the two resource pack.
  • We use White_dye as material, if your other resource pack plugin does not use it as material, you just need copy and paste FlipCard's resource pack to the other plugin's resource pack.
  • If your other resource pack plugin use it White_dye as material, you have to merge the two resource pack. This is a little complex, maybe this site can help you. What's more, you can also contact our staff to help you merge!
  • FlipCard does not send the resource pack to players, so you need use the other resource pack plugin to send the merged resource pack to players.
Last: I really recommend you use ItemsAdder because FlipCard hooks into it and our staff also use it!