FlipCard Wiki

Starter Guide

Plugin will generate the following folders after it is loaded.
  • ui: Save your card flop configurations.
  • item: Save your custom items.
  • language: Save language files.
  • pack: Save the resource pack that automatically generated by the plugin.
  • texture: Save your card textures.
If you just want use the default card texture, you don't need care about the pack and texture folder.

Custom card texture:

If you want to use custom card texture, please note:
  • If your server don't have resource pack yet, just zip your pack folder and ask your players install it in their Minecraft client.
  • If your server use other resource pack plugin, you need merge these two resource packs first.
For more details, please view this page.
After you install resource pack to your Minecraft client, you can use /fc forceopen <PlayerName> example command to check the resource pack for problems.