v2 Rewards Option

Rewards option is a little complex, so I introduce it on a separate page.

Different from FlipCard v1, v2 has only 2 reward types: hook item and vanilla item.

Vanilla Item

Vanilla item has those options:

  • material: The material of the reward item, like STONE.

  • cmd: The custom model data of the reward item, like 1000. (Optional)

  • display: The display name of the reward item, like &eTest Item. (Optional)

  • lore: The lore of the reward item, like:

  - '&fLine 1 Lore'
  - '&fLine 2 Lore'



    material: DIAMOND
    cmd: 0
    display: '&eA Reward'
      - '&fLine1'
      - '&fLine2'
    # For command rewards, you should set this option to false.
    # Otherwise, players will get both item you set here and also the commands reward.
    give-item: true
    # Random amount.
    amount: 1~10
    chance: 20
    edge: rare

Saved Item

Saved item has those options:

  • material: You can use /fc save <FileName> to save the items you are holding. This option value should write same as file name if you want use saved item.


    material: SuperSword
    give-item: false
    amount: 10
    # You can also use Placeholder and Math string in rate option!
    chance: '%player_health*5'
    edge: rare

Hook Item

Hook item has those options:

  • hook-plugin: What plugin you want this item hook into, for now, FlipCard supports EcoItems, EcoArmor, MMOItems, ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MythicMobs, eco.

  • hook-item: What item you want to in the hook plugin:

  • For EcoItems, Oraxen, MythicMobs, you should write item id.

  • For ItemsAdder, eco, you should write namespace:item id. Eco's namespace id plugin name, like talismans.

  • For EcoArmor, you should write armor set id;;armor slot. armor slot can be set to BOOTS, CHESTPLATE, ELYTRA, HELMET, LEGGINGS.

  • For MMOItems, you should write item type id;;item id.


    hook-plugin: MMOItems
    hook-item: SWORD;;BASIC_SWORD
    amount: 10
    chance: 20
    edge: rare

General Options

Those options can be used in the 2 types of reward. All of them except rate are optional.

  • amount: The amount of reward items. Like 1. You can also entry in the form of "1~5" which means the amount is random in the interval.

  • times: How many times the commands excute, can be used as random money amount. You can also entry in the form of "1~5" which means the times is random in the interval.

  • give-item: Whether give the item to the player. Recommend set false if just want to use commands as reward. Like: true.

  • actions: The action will active after finish flip (close flip UI), click here to know more!

  • flip-actions: The action will active when flip the card. For safely reason, only recommand use announcement action here.

  • rate: The weight of the reward. Real rate is this reward rate/all rewards total rate.

You can also use rates option to replace rate option to make dynamic rate, like:

  default: 0.1
  one_rates_condition: 0.4

This means default players will have 0.1 rate for this reward, players meet one_rates_condition condition (view rates-conditions option below) have 0.4 rate.

This rate supports PlaceholderAPI's placeholder and Math string, like this: (You need enable math.enabled option in config.yml file to use Math string)

  • rates-conditions:

    - 'world: OneWorld'

one_rates_condition is Condition ID, can write it at rates option like this format. In this example, players who in OneWorld will have 0.4 rate.

  • edge: The textures of reward edge. It can express rarity. If not set, card won't have any edge.

  • limit: The max limit of the reward in a card flip event. Set 1 means you can only get this reward once in a card flip event.

Legacy Options

Those option has been abandoned, and will be removed in future updates. Has been removed in 2.6.0 update.

Use actions option instead!!!

  • commands: The commands will excuse after get this reward. Like:

  • announcement: The message that server will send after player flip this card.

You should write this option like this:

 - "[c] give xxx"
 - "[p] say xxx"
 - "xxx"

[c] means this command excuse by server console, [p] by player itself.

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